Moringa Facials

Moringa Facials $59.-

Behind the seven mountains, among the seven dwarfs, at the foot of the highest mountains, there was once a so-called miracle tree ... Thus a fairy tale could begin about properties of the tree from whose seeds a precious oil is extracted. But we do not want to tell you fairy tales, but the true and scientifically confirmed facts. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a collection of the most important information on the wonderful horseradish tree (Moringa oleifera):📷

  1. Each element of the miracle tree is used: bark, roots, leaves, fruits and seeds.
  2. The horseradish tree is like the mythical Hydra - it can even grow back after felling. In addition, the tree needs no special soil to root and grow successfully to the sky. A real miracle tree. That's why he was called nebedies in Africa, which means "the tree that never dying".
  3. On top of that. The crushed fruits of the Moringa tree successfully cleanse the polluted water. Think about how great significance for the whole world can have this function. False hygiene, severe sanitation and polluted water are currently killing over 1.5 million people around the world.
  4. A powder of Moringa leaves is irreplaceable in the fight against hunger and the wrong diet. The powder contains all the amino acids, 46 antioxidants, almost all vitamins and a surprising amount of the fatty acid. It contains for example:
    • about 1.5 times as much amino acid as eggs,
    • almost 2 times as much cellulose as wheat kernels,
    • almost 5 times as much vitamin E as wheat seedlings,
    • almost 7 times as much B-group vitamins as yeast,
    • 25 times as much iron as spinach,
    • 15 times as much potassium as banana,
    • 17 times as much calcium as milk,
    • 10 times as much vitamin A as carrot,
    • 37 times better oxidizing properties like grapes,
    • ... and here we finish the list, though the above comparisons are just a tip of the iceberg.

  1. The large number of soothing acids, vitamins and amino acids causes the tree to really repair our organism. It regulates high blood pressure, has an antibacterial effect, removes different fungi, combats viruses, supplies the brain with oxygen, cares for our bones and teeth, increases lactation in young nursing mothers and protects the liver and heart.

What are the properties of Moringa oil in terms of top information? We also have good news in this area. All the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids contained in the oil help fight for a beautiful skin and healthy nails and hair. The versatility of Moringa oil is surprising. How can it be applied?

  1. AS FACE SERUM - It cleanses and nourishes the face wonderfully, cleanses the skin pores and accelerates the alleviation of all unwanted skin changes. It also fights the wrinkles and makes the skin younger, including the ocular skin.
  2. AS AN INGREDIENT OF A MASK - it can be added not only to the face mask, but also to the body or hair mask. The excellent effects are already after the first application - the skin is regenerated and younger.
  3. IN THE FORM OF BODY OIL - it can be applied to dry or wet skin. Then you could be happy about the beautiful and plump body.
  4. AS AN INGREDIENT OF SHOWER OR SHAMPOOS - it combats all irritations and infections on the body. It also guarantees the protection of the skin during epilation.
  5. AS A COMPRESS OR MASK ON HANDS OR FEET - it regenerates, rejuvenates and nourishes.
  6. AS HAIR OIL - You should check it yourself in this role. The oil makes hair strands healthy, shiny, moisturized and dense. It also guarantees them the apron.

The last fact : the Moringa oil does not have to be kept in the fridge - at room temperature it does not lose its properties.resting about your business here.