Moringa Hair Mask


Moringa Oil - Naturally beautiful hair


What can your hair achieve with Moringa Oil?

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of a tree that is considered a sacred tree in India and according to Ayurveda. The oil has been around 1400 BC since the year applied. It acts as a remedy for wrinkles and aging.

The tree from which the golden liquid is extracted is a phenomenon for botanists and researchers. New properties of the precious plant are constantly being discovered. It is extraordinary how helpful a nondescript tree can be. The so-called miracle tree is completely consumed because every part of the plant is used.

Moringa fights about 300 diseases and diseases, helps with the purification of the water (removes even coli bacteria), grows after felling and does not dry in the drought. That's a remedy for the evil of the world, it could be said. The oil from the miracle tree also affects the beauty of the skin and hair. In this area, it is also special. Other oils are just a background. So what can you do thanks to the Moringa oil?


Moringa contains a very high concentration of oleic acid . MORINGA FOR SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS - A NATURAL REMEDY FOR NATURAL BEAUTY


  • The oil from the Wunderbaum is also characterized by a lower iodine and acid number compared to other vegetable oils, such as sunflower or olive oil. What does that mean? The Moringa oil has a better utility value, is longer lasting and practically does not go rancid. There is also no risk that it can irritate the skin. The product can be used calmly in the head massage.
  • Moringa oil is absorbed easily and quickly into the skin and hair . The main acid found in Moringa oil is oleic acid (from the group of omega-9 fatty acids). So this is a vegetable oil with average sized molecules. In that regard, Moringa oil works best with hair of normal porosity. Most people have such a hair type, so the Moringa oil is suitable for many people.
  • Fatty acids ensure an effective course of internal  
  • processes that positively affect the hair and scalp. They also delay the aging process.
  • Moringa oil forms a layer on the surface of the hair, thanks to which they do not lose moisture.
  • The oil contains four times as much collagen as the carrot kernel oil . It effectively protects the strands from various damage, atmospheric conditions and even cigarette smoke.
  • The B-group vitamins in Moringa Oil reinforce the hair shaft because they participate in the process of cell division. They also stimulate hair growth.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. The Moringa oil contains a large amount of this vitamin,  
  • therefore, guarantees the youth and nutrition of the hair. The Vitamin E also nourishes the scalp because it makes the walls of the blood vessels stronger.
  • Vitamin C , which is rich in Moringa oil, provides the firmness and elasticity of the hair and stimulates hair growth. It also facilitates the absorption of iron ions, which are responsible for proper hair development and faster growth.
  • It is also noteworthy that Moringa contains 1700 antioxidants . This means that it brakes more effectively than other oils processes of damage to hair bulbs.